Anhingas on a Chilly Okefenokee Morning

Okefenokee Journal: Monday, March 6, 2017. 9:20 AM.

Pair of roosting Anhingas on a chilly Okefenokee spring morning; Okefenokee Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia. March 6, 2017.

Billy’s Lake is perfectly calm, still and quiet. The clear, dark, tannin-stained waters reflect the swamp landscape like a mirror of obsidian. Only an overcast sky and somewhat chilly breeze. It is amazing how chilly it can be on an Okefenokee early spring morning.

​We have the swamp to ourselves! No other paddlers on the water. And even better, no loud motor boats to toss our little vessel, spout gasoline fumes into the air, or to break the wonderful silence. Even the gators haven’t yet pulled themselves out of the water. A few roosting Anhingas were perched, tucking their bills into their feathers until the sun comes to warm up the day.


  1. Wow great shot! I see alot of birders on my hikes but never get to see what they see. I love the picture you painted with words as well! It really filled out the context in my imagination and I felt like I was there.


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