Well-trained Bear Hounds

Large female Coonhound dog portrait. Dog rescue pet adoption photography for local humane society animal shelter ©www.williamwisephoto.com

Excerpt from Francis Harper’s Mammals of the Okefinokee Swamp, published March 1927:

Hounds are generally used for locating and following a Bear’s trail. A great deal depends on the courage and tenacity of the hounds, for if they do not close with the bear, it readily makes off through the thickest portions of the swamp at a rate which a man cannot hope to equal. On the other hand, if tackled by a pack of well-trained hounds, the Bear may come to bay on the ground or else take to a tree. Either procedure gives the hunter a chance, and the latter one nearly always proves fatal to the Bear.

  • Harper, Francis. The Mammals of the Okefinokee Swamp Region of Georgia. Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History, 1927.

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