By Assistance of the Red Bird

In 1875, The Atlanta Constitution published the dramatic headline: “We now announce to our readers, and the people of Georgia, that we are fitting up an expedition for a complete and thorough exploration of Okefinokee. The full details of the plan and expedition will be published soon – if they come out alive.” Over the next months, the paper released many exciting stories from the Okefenokee Swamp, like the one following…

Female Northern Cardinal bird perched on a branch on the Trembling Earth Nature Trail in Stephen C Foster State Park. Okefenokee Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia. March 9, 2020. © Download and use legally at

“​Two miles of this mammoth slough of despond brought us another change, and we were not less joyful of our deliverance than Bunyan’s pilgrim was, when he planted his feet again upon solid earth. Still, while we were far from being again upon terra firma, there were indications of the island all around us. More cheering than all was the welcome notes of the thrush and the red bird which began to greet us on either side. These birds are denizens of the outer rim of the swamp, but do not penetrate over a half a mile from dry land. By their assistance many a hunter has found his way to islands in the swamp, and to high land again on the outside.”
​   – The Atlanta Constitution, September 23, 1875.

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