Acclimated Okefenokee Egret

Some critters are more accustomed to the presence of people than others. But it always amazes me when I come across an oddly acclimated bird within the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. On my Fall 2022 paddling excursion, a curious Snowy Egret played leapfrog with my canoe for almost a mile!

Snowy Egret fishing along the Suwannee River; Okefenokee Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia. October 25, 2022 ©

It was a relaxing drift downstream along the Suwannee River heading from Mixon’s Hammock toward the Suwannee River Sill. A little way ahead I first spotted this fishing egret. Thinking it would fly off as soon as it spotted my canoe, I got a few shots from a distance. But surprisingly it stayed in place until I came quite close. Then it lifted off and flew about 100 feet ahead, again waiting for me. It did this leapfrogging several times and followed me nearly a mile back to The Sill.

All the while it pretended to fish, but also kept a curious eye on me, giving me several great photographic opportunities. I suppose some birds have no reason to fear people. Perhaps others have migrated from a place where humans are a more common sight. I don’t know this Snowy’s story, but it certainly wanted to learn mine!


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