Sunset Stroll along the Suwannee River Sill

An excerpt from my Okefenokee Journal, October 25, 2022…

White Ibis foraging along the Suwannee River Sill; Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia. October 25, 2022 ©

Since the fall days were shortening, I wanted to be sure to get back to the boat launch before it got too dark. After packing my gear back into my vehicle and loading the canoe on the trailer, I still had an hour of beautiful golden hour sunset, so I decided to take a walk along the Suwannee River Sill. Being a Tuesday evening, I was the only visitor… aside from the wildlife.

Just below the dam, a small group of White Ibis were foraging the banks of the Suwannee River and a cautious gator swam submerged in the mirror-like blackwater that reflected the October fall colors. A bit further northward up the grassy embankment, a young White-tailed Deer buck snapped to attention when he caught my scent. The same Snowy Egret that I had photographed from my canoe an hour earlier was still searching the water while a small Killdeer ran along the canal. And a few big alligators still lay out on the banks to take in the last bit of warmth before dragging themselves into the cooler waters for the night.

Submerged American Alligator with fall colors reflected in the blackwater swamp; Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia. October 25, 2022 ©


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