Sharing and Okefenokee Journal from Edz Imagz

Sharing an Okefenokee travel journal and photography from Edz Imagz. I actually happened to meet Ed, as we were both in the Okefenokee at the same time in May 2020. “In the Corvid-19 era, one could hardly find a more remote place in the lower 48 states to get away from people than the OkefenokeeContinue reading “Sharing and Okefenokee Journal from Edz Imagz”

Sharing an Okefenokee Post from Nichter Photography PLUS, Part 2

Sharing Part 2 of Kathleen’s great Okefenokee travel journal to the wonderful Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Birds are part of the fun of visiting the Okefenokee Swamp. I watched the Snowy Egret high-stepping toward me, and kept the camera on him waiting to capture one of the “golden slippers” of his feet in the air,Continue reading “Sharing an Okefenokee Post from Nichter Photography PLUS, Part 2”

Sharing an Okefenokee post from Anne Ledbetter Photography

Here is a great nature journal with some incredible photography from Anne Ledbetter Photography! Follow the link to her blog for some beautiful black-and-whites, pitcher plant close-ups, and reflection photos (a few of my favorites in the collection). – William These images come from one of our many trips to the Okefenokee. This trip wasContinue reading “Sharing an Okefenokee post from Anne Ledbetter Photography”

Sharing an Okefenokee post from Roadkill Crossing

My wife and I were social distancing before we knew there was such a thing. Before the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S., I made an all-day social distancing trip to Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. It was a mere hour’s drive from our winter hideout on Amelia Island, Florida. I invited my lovely wife to accompany […]Continue reading “Sharing an Okefenokee post from Roadkill Crossing”

Sharing an Okefenokee Photo Journal from Nichter Photography PLUS

Originally posted on Nichter Photography PLUS:
Foggy Day in the Swamp A month ago we arrived at Stephen Foster State Park, GA in the middle of the Okefenokee Swamp for a two-day camping stay. We visited a few times before on day trips and looked forward to this trip for quite a while. Prior to…

Sharing an Okefenokee Post from Magellan’s Travels

Originally posted on Magellan's Travels:
I spent 6 days in the Okefenokee Swamp in early March.  Three nights, I stayed in the pioneer group campsite at Stephen Foster State Park with a large group of ladies and the final 2 nights were spent kayak camping with a group of 6. While camping, I joined…

Okefenokeology Video Series, Episode 3

The Okefenokee Swamp Park is broadcasting Professor Don Berryhill’s video series, Okefenokeology! Subscribe to their YouTube channel to receive updates. “Watch this episode of Professor Don Berryhill’s Okefenokeology Program. In this episode, he will provide information as he takes you on a boat tour at the Okefenokee Swamp Park in Waycross, GA. Described are the unique floraContinue reading “Okefenokeology Video Series, Episode 3”

Athletic_Gurl’s Okefenokee Video Adventure 2020

My daughter’s video from our 2020 Okefenokee National Wildife Refuge paddling trip. She was excited to bring along a friend who had never experienced the swamp before! Needless to say she was amazed (and slightly terrified) by the number of huge alligators we saw.

Okefenokee on iNaturalist

Another great way to explore the majestic Okefenokee Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia is through the app iNaturalist. The Okefenokee has its own project page where you can see all the “citizen scientist” and naturalists posts in one place. Sign up for Okefenokee NWR on the subscriptions and help fellow Okefenokee Adventurers ID theirContinue reading “Okefenokee on iNaturalist”

Okefenokee in ‘The Wilderness Coast’

An Okefenokee excerpt from Jack Rudloe’s, The Wilderness Coast “The sun was just rising, but it was already hot when we launched our canoe just below the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia. We were beginning the 217-mile journey through Georgia and Florida to the Gulf of Mexico on the Suwannee River. “We paddled for days, withContinue reading “Okefenokee in ‘The Wilderness Coast’”