Sharing an Okefenokee post from Roadkill Crossing

My wife and I were social distancing before we knew there was such a thing. Before the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S., I made an all-day social distancing trip to Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. It was a mere hour’s drive from our winter hideout on Amelia Island, Florida. I invited my lovely wife to accompany […]Continue reading “Sharing an Okefenokee post from Roadkill Crossing”

South Georgia Pine Flat-woods

Headed to the Okefenokee I kissed my wife goodbye and headed south with my daughter for 217 miles on Interstate 75. The further south we drove, the higher the temperature readout displayed. Hour after hour, and mile after mile of semi-trucks, exits, and billboards until finally, just 16 miles shy of the Florida line, weContinue reading “South Georgia Pine Flat-woods”