Animal Shelter Furtography: Inky

What a contrast from the regular Okefenokee alligator photos! Here is a recent adoption photo session… ​Every summer, “kitten season” begins in the animal shelters. Each week, kitten after kitten is  surrendered to the shelter and it can be tough to get them all turned over into new homes. Because of the volume of cats,Continue reading “Animal Shelter Furtography: Inky”

Animal Shelter Photography: “Precious”

When I’m not in the Okefenokee, I’m in the animal shelter using my photography to get dogs and cats rescued and adopted. Here’s a recent adoption… “Precious” was surrendered to the animal shelter on May 17, 2021. The owner said her daughter moved off and left Precious behind about a year ago and she couldContinue reading “Animal Shelter Photography: “Precious””

Scarlet Snake at Donnelley WMA

The sun was climbing higher and brighter. The humidity and warm, stifling air was already bearing down on me, causing my feet to stumble through the thorns, briers and saw palmetto. I had been pushing through South Carolina low-country scrub for several hours already. I was thankful to escape the bush and come out ontoContinue reading “Scarlet Snake at Donnelley WMA”

Animal Shelter Adoption Photography: “Abe”

Much of my other photography outside the Okefenokee is in the animal shelter. Here’s a recent adoption… “Abe” was picked up stray by an animal control officer on May 11, 2021. He sat in the shelter a week and no owner came to claim him. He was finally adopted into a new home on MayContinue reading “Animal Shelter Adoption Photography: “Abe””

Earth Day: Celebrating Diversity of God’s Creation

Happy Earth Day! A collection of nature and wildlife photography celebrating the biodiversity of God’s creation. Photographed in 2020 by William Wise Photography. Most locations in Georgia, USA. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” GalatiansContinue reading “Earth Day: Celebrating Diversity of God’s Creation”

Dog Rescue Photography: Ollie

When I’m not out tracking wildlife, my camera is used to photograph the pets in need of adoption at the animal shelter… “Ollie” was a handsome boy that was picked up stray by an animal control officer on January 7, 2021. Someone had tied a collar and wire so tight around his neck he wasContinue reading “Dog Rescue Photography: Ollie”

Raptor Feast

This feast took place outside of the Okefenokee, but the hawk was so cooperative it just begged to be posted on the Okefenokee blog… Leaving my office in Walton County, Georgia, a Red-tailed Hawk was feasting upon an Eastern Gray Squirrel by the roadside. I pulled my truck closer and watched it tear apart itsContinue reading “Raptor Feast”

Outside the Okefenokee: Greenfield Lake Park

When I visit the Okefenokee Swamp, I expect to see alligators. So when I find alligators in a small, local park, it is a special treat… I recently went on a short trip to attend a pioneer pastor’s conference in North Carolina. Even though we spent most of our weekend driving, my wife and IContinue reading “Outside the Okefenokee: Greenfield Lake Park”

Outside the Okefenokee: Jorō Spider Invasion

Today’s post takes us outside the Okefenokee. But who knows if this foreign invader will eventually spread through Georgia and into the swamp??? Although it didn’t cause national hysteria like the beetle invasion of 1964 (or was it Beatles in the British Invasion???), I did happen to hear about the Jorō Spider invasion of 2014.Continue reading “Outside the Okefenokee: Jorō Spider Invasion”

Outside the Okefenokee: Timber Rattler

The Timber Rattlesnake’s range extends from New York and down south into the northern part of Florida, including the Okefenokee Swamp. Today’s post features a find outside the Okefenokee from up in Walton County, Georgia between Atlanta and Augusta. An animal control co-worker texted me after-hours and said, “I’ve got one for you!” Along withContinue reading “Outside the Okefenokee: Timber Rattler”